Top 4 Astronomy Forums in Italy

This listing of the top 4 best astronomy forums in Italy was created in order to give some indication on where to find useful information for new amateur astronomers. The ranking is based on the number of messages and discussions.

It can be seen immediately that the online astronomy space is dominated by mainly 3 players:, Coelestis and, which together have almost 2 million messages written by users. These sites represent an important resource for amateurs as they can discuss and find out any kind of information they need.


Created in 2000, it is the first forum of amateur astronomy in Italy. Over the years over 10 thousand people have registered on this portal and have turned it into a mine of information. Although the design needs a re-styling, on this forum you will surely find what you are looking for!

  • Messages: 970,902
  • Discussions: 79,625
  • Subscribers: 10,118

Forum astrofili italiani

2. Coelestis

Coelestis was also created in 2000, arm in arm with Coelum magazine. Being the forum with the highest number of members even if it does not excel in the number of messages written by users, Coelestis is pleasant to use thanks to the use of colors and visual stimuli.

  • Messages: 780,406
  • Discussions: 54,174
  • Subscribers: 13,821

Coelestis Forum


I could not find the creation date of but it is definitely a mature forum. The beauty of this forum is that it also has a sidebar full of useful info for amateur astronomers that make it even more interesting. In addition, is also the most visited astronomy blog in Italy. Try typing the words “astronomy” on Google.

  • Messages: 312,979
  • Discussions: 25,706
  • Users: 7,824


Although this forum is not as big as the others, I have included it because it covers a discipline dear to many amateur astronomers, astrophotography. Here you can find many guides on how to solve problems with your CCD or CMOS and you will be greeted by kind users, who are willing to help you. If you are an astrophographer, this is the forum where you need to be.

  • Messages: 17,503
  • Discussions: 2,451
  • Subscribers: 377

Forum Astroimaging

*Data from December 20th, 2018

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