How to protect your eyes from light during observing sessions


During your observing sessions, most often you are using tools like a PC or a smartphone to look up the name of a star or to gather some data. But not having the screens set in the correct way can have a negative effect on our eyes. To solve this problem, we recommend the following free software that allow you to adjust the screen colour.

Protecting your eyes when using a smartphone

We recommend Twilight! You can download the Android version HERE. For iOS, new devices already have a similar function that can be implemented in “Settings”.

What does the app do

The Twilight app adjusts the display of your device based on the times of the day. Filter the blue spectrum of the phone (or tablet) after sunset and protect your eyes with a light and pleasant red filter.


Protecting your eyes when using a PC

Our recommendation in this case is F.LUX that changes the colors of the PC screen, adapting them to the various hours of the day, warmer at night and normal during the daylight hours. It can be downloaded HERE.

What does the app do

F.LUX, similarly to the previous one, creates an adjustable filter that helps the photoreceptors of the eyes not to be too stressful while using the PC.

Do you have any other solutions which help you protect your eyes during the observing sessions? Write them in the comments section!

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